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Highest Weight: About 200lbs/90.7kg
Current Weight: 177lbs/80.2kg
Goal Weight: 130lbs/59kg
Goal BF%: 17ish%

Healthblr. EDNOS sufferer. Baby liftblr.

This blog is meant for tracking workouts, discussing my diet, venting my frustrations, showing off my family, and anything else I want..

I promote body positivity, even when I don't like what I see in my own mirror.

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-plan your meals for the day (either day 12 or 13)
-drink only water!!
-listen to your body, take care of it

I’ve hit the “sick” feeling of hunger. I need foods.

Fucking leg day. Do you know how hard it was getting down the stairs outside the gym without looking stupid? Very hard.

Haven’t done kettle ball swings since before I had a kettle ball (I used a gallon of water), and they fun. Not fun at the end of a work out so much though lol

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Just had a guy tell me “Fact is, I’ll always outlift you.  You can try but then you’ll just be bulky, unfeminine, and I’ll still outlift you.”


looks like all his brain cells went to his lifting efforts..

God men are stupid.

Woke up to 4 texts from Donna. One was asking me if we’re gymming and the next 3 were questioning if may killed me during his birthday sex last night.

We did not have the sex last night. He fell asleep. And tbh I wasn’t feeling all that sexy last night. Oh well.

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😫😮😑😶😵😛😌 <= emotions you can see on a guy jacking off. A mix of all of that.
mandyqueenofsquats mandyqueenofsquats Said:



In that order ahaha



Seriously. Have you watched a dude jerk off? It’s like they’re in pain and mad at it.

we are though.


Seriously. Have you watched a dude jerk off? It’s like they’re in pain and mad at it.




Men look so ugly masturbating how does that make u feel

jokes on you i look ugly all the time damn wassup how u feel 

jokes on you op, I look good all the time.

You know, I was just thinking about how ugly dudes look when they whack it. Not ugly, really, but y’all make some weird ass faces.